May 2021
2nd 10:30am Mr Ian Hayward   (C)
9th 10:30am Rev A.S.Richard-Clarke    
16th 10:30am Rev Gareth Wilde    
23rd 10:30am Mrs Stella Price    
30th 10.30 am Dr Chris Palmer    
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
    Currently there are no weekday meetings duye to Covid-19  

Christian Aid Week - 10th to 16th
Once more, Christian Aid Week has been affected by the pandemic - and so is more vital than ever, as Christian Aid seeks to help the Majority South cope in a situation where water for personal hygiene is not always readily available and where vaccines are in short supply. Christian Aid is also continuing its campaign for Climate Justice in the face of the on-going Climate Crisis and the approach of COP 26 in November.
Donation envelopes will be delivered door to door within Govilon. Because of the continuing pandemic, there cannot be collected, but each household will be invited to return the envelopes either to the Village Shop or to myself (14 Stephens Crescent). There will also be information about giving on-line through Tap Simple (an organisation that partners with many major charities, including Christian Aid).
The Abergavenny Christian Aid Group is also organising a staggered sponsored walk from Llanfoist to Govilon using the Cycle Track and Canal. This will be on Wednesday from 10. Please contact me for further details (268971) - Peter

Gardener's Corner    

May is here at last! Birdsong at dawn and all day long the cuckoo sings (which it seems to have been heard by several members so far) whilst the bluebells bring us such pleasure. The borders are starting to fill up with herbaceous plants all competing for the sunshine. Lilacs, cherry blossom and magnolias have been and are wonderful. Peonies are starting to burst up too. Days are becoming longer - which means more time to weed of course! I particularly love Honesty the colour is beautiful against other spring flowers.
Dahlia tubers can now be planted outdoors but will need some protection against frost - start off in pots in the greenhouse is unsure about planting out just now. Always a danger of frost before the end of May remember.
Winter twigs can now be pollarded back to their stumps. Willows/dogwood etc.
Remember to start hardening off plants in the greenhouse - leave them out during the day but bring in at night. An ideal time to buy bedding plants if you have a greenhouse/shelter for protection. Now is a good time to plant hanging baskets but they will need protection from frost too.
Enjoy your gardening!

Minister's Musings
I would like to use my final Minister's Musings to say thank you to all of you who have walked with us over the last nearly 27 years. When we came, I honestly did not expect to still be here when we finally retired - the normal pattern would have been to stay for 10 or so years and then move once more. But it seemed that God had other plans… He has blest our fellowship in so many ways and we are still here - and hope to remain so as long as we can foresee, staying as part of the Fellowship as we look to the future under a new ministry.
First, let me say thank you for our retirement gift. We were overwhelmed by your generosity - the lovely shed and the patio furniture will be daily reminders of our time together; and all the cards and small individual gifts have deeply touched us.
Both of us have our own memories. Here are some from Fran.
What a task he's set me! 27 years in one paragraph? I remember at the Induction Service, Mrs Irene Davies announcing I'd be in charge of the Ladies' Meeting! I was terrified! But what a blessing that Meeting has been over the years. I remember how strange everyone thought it was, when we introduced "tea and coffee" after the morning service.. now, how we have missed it! We've done so many things together…The Chapel History Exhibition and Book. The Travellers' Easter Sleep-overs and Grand Days Out. Sunday School Plays and Holiday Bible Clubs. Church Picnics. The Hymn Singing Festivals. Easter Mornings on the Blorenge in snow and fog and sun and rain. Clive Morgan's coaches taking us all to Cardiff for the January 2000 Millennium Songs of Praise. But most of all, I remember years of friendship and blessings and little things, that in the end, mean more than all the big events together.
And for myself? Looking back, I remember those to whom we have said farewell, giving thanks for their faith and service. And I thank God for those who have joined us and now share with us the journey into the future. Of course, times have not always been easy, but the highlights shine through. I know 2002 is now a long way away, but the events around the 350th Anniversary will always stand out - especially hosting the Baptist Union of Wales Assembly for that year. It was a marvellous team effort, especially managing to cater for so many over our time together.
Over the time we have touched all age-groups, from Luncheon Club (which I hope will restart soon) to Mothers and Toddlers, and of course, the Travellers Youth Club, running for most of the time we have been here. For a while we had the biggest and best Youth Club in the Abergavenny area - one year we even managed to have more people involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award than any other organisation in Wales. Best of all was the privilege of baptising some of them before they left us to go to college. My thanks to all those who gave their time to help and run these groups.
And in the background there have been so many doing so much to ensure we could continue as a fellowship. So many have made the time here so special - thank you all. In particular, I must thank the Deacons who have shared the work with me, and commend those currently serving to your prayers as they lead our search for a new minister. And finally, thank you Fran for being there with me through it all.
God bless you all as we look forward to what he has in store for the next chapter of this fellowship of Llanwenarth Baptist Church.



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