May 2019
5th 10:30am Welcome Service - Welcome to Justice  
6:00pm Command and Commission - Love God Deuteronomy 6:5 (C)
12th 11.00am Joint Christian Aid Week Service - in Christchurch CinW    
6:00pm Command and Commission - Love Your Neighbour Leviticus 19:18  
19th 10:30am Rev Jon Forman (C)
6:00pm Rev Jon Forman    
26th 10:30am Rev Mark Thomas (Bethesda)  
6:00pm Rev Mark Thomas (Bethesda)  
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
Monday Craft Group 2:00pm 6th and 20th
Wednesday Luncheon Club 11:30am for 12:00 noon 1st, 15th and 29th
Bible Study 7.00pm 8th and 22nd - Acts
Thursday Mums and Toddlers 9.15 to 11.30 In term time (not 18th and 25th)
  Ladies' Meeting 3.00pm

23rd - Marie Bowkett

Bible Study 3.00pm 2nd and 16th - Psalms

Christian Aid Week - 12th to 19th May
COFFEE MORNING: Tuesday 7th from 10.30 to Noon at the Baptist Schoo Room - Preparing for the week.
JOINT SERVICE: Sunday 12th at 11.00am, held in Christchurch Church in Wales, Govilon.
FRUGAL MEAL: Thursday 16th at 7.00pm, in the Baptist School Room. With Cynnan Llywd.
Please support these events so that we can support the mums in Sierra Leone.

Gardener's Corner    

Lots of lovely things to celebrate in the garden in May. The first cuckoo can be heard and lots of bluebells, early roses, mock orange blossom and sweet honeysuckle. As they say nowadays "what's not to like"!
Lilac will soon be out to and the smell is wonderful. Herbaceous plants are starting to fill up the borders, growing so fast you can almost see them move! Days are longer, giving more opportunity to weed in the evenings & sit and enjoy the results of your labours. Honesty is one of my favourites at this time of year, the lovely colours against the spring flowers and then the papery seed heads. Dahlias are starting to show their leaves too. Time to put out those greenhouse plants to harden off, and prepare hanging baskets & pots for the patio. Beware of late frosts though and bring tender plants indoors overnight if necessary
Time also to lay turf if required - quicker than seed of course - but try not to walk on it for a week or two, until it has settled in.
Shrubs grown for their winter twigs can now be pollarded hard before their leaves have started growing fully. Beware of planting out tomatoes, courgettes and marrows just yet although other vegetables will be hardier. Mainly, enjoy your gardening.

Minister's Musings
We have just celebrated the story of Easter with its message of hope, as the tomb of Jesus is found empty and the presence of Jesus is experienced by his followers and friends. As we proclaim that he is risen indeed, we declare that life in the Kingdom of God continues beyond the life we all experience here and now and the death we all experience at the end of it. Because of Jesus we can say with conviction: We believe in life beyond death!
But that does not mean we sit and wait for new life to begin sometime in the future, long after we have gone. Religion should not be the opium of the people, dulling their senses to the problems of the here and now with the promise of paradise to come. The life of the Kingdom of God is a life that begins now, breaking in and transforming our lives day by day. Because of what will be, we work for a world in which all may share a fulfilled life now. That is why Christian Aid adopted the slogan We believe in life before death!
This is the hope that is put before us each year in Christian Aid Week - this year the 12th to 19th May. Once more, we will have a full programme of events to highlight and support the work of Christian Aid - which this year focuses on maternal health in Sierra Leone, adapting their slogan slightly to declare that: We believe in life after birth!
All of which reminds us that our basic declaration is that, because of Christ: We believe in life! As we were reminded this Easter Sunday, so much of the world seems to believe in death. But it is not just the death of our brothers and sisters while they were at worship that we need to combat. It is the death delivered in the Yemen with bombs sold by British firms. It is the threatened extinctions against which people like Greta Thunberg rebel. It is the death of spirit that creeps upon us as grace is lost in our public discourse. It is the danger of missing what is happening as, in Neil Postman's phrase, we continue Amusing ourselves to death.
Because Christ has been raised from death, we believe in life - the abundant life that does not necessarily come with more things and more experiences; but which always comes with realising the full humanity of all because we are made in God's image - the image seen fully in the risen Jesus Christ. We believe in life - let us do all we can to share the life of God's new kingdom with all who need to hear its Good News.



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