May 2018
6th 10:30am Welcome Service - Welcome to New Life    
  6:00pm Life in the Spirit - Birth John 3:6 (C)
13th 10:30am Up Acts 1:9  
6:00pm Life in the Spirit - Fruit Galatians 5:22  
20th 10:30am Pentecost - Wind and Fire Acts 2:2 (C)
6:00pm Life in the Spirit - Gifts I Corinthians 12:7  
27th 10:30am Rev A.S.Richards-Clarke    
6:00pm Rev A.S.Richards-Clarke    
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
Monday Craft Group 2:00pm 8th and 24th
Wednesday Luncheon Club 11:30am for 12:00 noon 2nd, 16th and 30th
Thursday Mums and Toddlers 9.15 to 11.30 Except Half Term - 31st
Ladies' Meeting 3.00pm

10th - Christian Aid Tea
24th - Ann Roberts

Bible Study 3.00pm

3rd and 17th:
A Church is Born


Christian Aid Week - 13th to 19th May
This year's theme is: Together we are stronger than the storm, and follows the experiences of one family as they recover from hurricane Matthew, which struck Haiti in 2016.
As well as highlighting the need for continued support long after disasters have fallen out of the news cycle, the Week continues Christian Aid's long standing campaign on Climate Change, and the way it has a disproportionate effect on the poorest communities.
As usual, we will be holding the door to door collection in the village, as well as a coffee morning on Friday (18th) from 10 to midday. There will also be a Fellowship evening frugal meal on Thursday (17th) from 7 (see below for more details).
Please come and support us where you can.

Fellowship Evening - Thursday 17th at 7pm
This is the Meeting delayed from last March because of the snow! Held as part of Christian Aid Week, the feasting will be frugal (bread and cheese with fruit to follow), but hopefully it will also help us to get to know one another better. As part of this, two or three of us will give a short slide show of who we are (I emphasise short!), but I would also ask all who are coming to let me have a picture of yourselves as babies/young children by the Wednesday evening - this will be for a 'Guess the adult' display.
Hope to see you all there.

Gardener's Corner    

May - such a month of anticipation between Spring & Summer!
Birdsong every morning and next will be the cuckoos. Bluebells everywhere, make sure you visit the local bluebell woods to see them at their very best! In our gardens the wonderful fragrances of 'mock orange' and honeysuckle, followed by the early roses opening up. The magnolias are wonderful this year, and soon will follow cherry blossom and lilacs. So much to look forward to after such a long winter.
Longer evenings allow you to get out into the garden in the evenings, either to sit and enjoy or do a bit of light weeding. Herbaceous borders will be starting to grow well now and may need support of the taller plants. Plant out dahlia tubers now, but remember to water these during dry spells. It is also a good time to lay a lawn using turf, as it will take quickly, but let it settle for a week or two before mowing (even on a high blade).
Still be wary of frost until the end of May though, especially when hardening off plants grown in the greenhouse.
Happy gardening, enjoy all your efforts at last.

Minister's Musings
Christmas, Easter and Pentecost - the three great Christian festivals that punctuate the church calendar. Between them they tell the background of the story of Jesus and his Church - of his coming as the promised Messiah of God, of his crucifixion and resurrection that proved that God's love was greater even than death, and of the coming of the promised Other Councillor who would empower the Church to tell the Good News of this life, death and resurrection.
This month we celebrate the festival of Pentecost - a festival we could call the birthday of the Church. For it was at that Pentecost long ago that Peter changed from a man frightened of his own shadow - or at least running away from a young serving girl who declared he was a friend of Jesus, to one ready to stand before a crowd of thousands and declare his allegiance to his crucified King - in defiance of both the Roman and Jewish authorities.
And still the Spirit is at work in the Church and the life of each individual Christian. As Jesus had promised, it is the Spirit who reminds us of the things of Christ, and who helps us apply those things to the ever changing world. As Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthian Church, it is the Spirit who empowers the Church, as each individual works with his/her fellow believers, giving the insight and wisdom that is needed for each circumstance faced.
This month we celebrate Pentecost, and remember that every Christian is a Pentecostal Christian - not because we hold a particular understanding of Church governance, not because we have a particular understanding of the gifts of the Spirit; but because it is by the Spirit alone that we can understand and respond to what Christ has done for us, and it is by the Spirit alone that we can live the life to which he calls us.
So let us pray that the wind of the Spirit will fill our sails and blow us where he wills. We may not know where that wind will take us, but we trust the One who will guide us - any more than Peter expected to be admitting Gentiles or travelling to Rome. But we know we can trust the One who will guide and protect us along the way - wherever that way may be.


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