January 2018
7th 10:30am Welcome Service - A New Beginning    
6:00pm Beginning Again II Corinthians 5:17 (C)
14th 10:30am Jesus Begins - Baptism Matthew 3:13  
6:00pm The Joyful Letter - Proclaiming Christ Philippians 1:18  
21st 10:30am Jesus Begins - Temptation Luke 4:9 (C)
6:00pm The Joyful Letter - Complete Joy Philippians 2:2  
28th 10:30am Jesus Begins - Manifesto Luke 4:22  
6:00pm The Joyful Letter - Ending with Joy Philippians 3:2  
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
Monday Craft Group 2:00pm 15th and 29th
Wednesday Luncheon Club 11:30am for 12:00 noon 10t and 24th
Thursday Mums and Toddlers 9.15 to 11.30 From the 11th
Ladies' Meeting 3.00pm

11th - Hymn Study

25th - Planning

Bible Study 3.00pm 4th and 18th - TBA

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - Saturday 20th at 2.30
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is held annually between 18th and 15th of January - dates celebrating the life of St Paul. During the week there are daily services of prayer in the churches throughout Abergavenny. There is also a joint celebration held on the Saturday - and this year we are hosting that event.
Please come along as we take up the theme Andrew highlighted on New Year's Eve - that the Church may be united in fellowship and friendship, and that the world may know that Christ is Lord through the love we share with one another and the world.

Gardener's Corner    

After all the festivities we have time again to think about our gardens. Winter weather can be a gardener's friend - the cold outside and freezing nights - killing off pests and any covering of snow acting as a warm blanket, protecting plants underneath. Well planted gardens can often look attractive during the winter months with evergreens often looking their best edged with frost. By the end of the month you can take comfort in knowing the days will soon become longer and growth will be ready to start all over again.

And a poem by U.A.Fanthorpe - The Gardener at Christmas:
He has done all that needs to be done.
Rake, fork, spade, cleaned & oiled,
Idle indoors; seeds, knotty with destiny, rattle
Inside their paper jackets. The travelling birds

Have left; predictable locals
Mooch in the early dusk.

He dreams of a future in apples,
Of three white lilies in flower,
Of a tree that could bear a man.

He sits back and waits
For it all to happen.

Happy New Year to you all.

Minister's Musings
Christmas is over for another year - the tree has been put outside, the decorations put away, and the Christmas card list revised ready for next time. Now the days are getting longer, and soon we will be seeing the snowdrops poking their heads above the ground. It is a time of new beginnings - new resolutions made, new ambitions outlined, new hopes expressed. So another round begins, and who knows where it will end?
Yet whatever the future holds, for good or ill, and whatever unknown unknowns may appear to confront us, of one thing we can be sure - that God will be with us in Jesus Christ every step of the way. For the promise of Christmas is not just the assurance that the regular pattern of the world will continue in the same old way, but that God will be there wherever the path of life may take us. This does not mean that life will be easy - that is all to obvious; but it does mean that life will never leave us defeated. It does not mean that we will have the answer to every question that may crop up - there will be many times when we do not understand what is happening; but it does mean that we will be filled with hope in our search for a solution.
As we face the beginning of this New Year of 2018 we have no idea what the future may hold, except to say that it will certainly surprise us. But while we may not know what the future may hold, we do know who holds the future, and we know we can trust him to guide us through all those surprises that do come our way.
So, in the year that lies ahead:
The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face to shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face towards you
and give you peace
through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, this day and each day of this new year.


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