October 2021
3rd 10:30am Rev.Anne Roberts   (C)
10th 10:30am Dr.Chris Palmer    
17th 10:30am Harvest - with Dr.Peter Baines    
24th 10:30am Rev.Ray Lewis    
31st 10.30am Dr.Peter Baines    
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
Monday Craft Group 2:00pm 4th and 18th

The Road to CoP26
With Harvest celebrations this month we will be focusing on the blessings of God's good creation. With CoP26 next month the world (in the persons of our leaders) has a chance to do something to protect that blessing.
Please continue to pray for the meetings in Glasgow next month. As part of their campaign for Climate Justice, Christian Aid are planning to send a flotilla of paper prayer boats to the conference. Supporters are being asked to fold origami boats and write their prayers for the conference upon them. If any of you want to join in, et me have your paper prayer boats by October 14th, and I will send them to Christian Aid

Gardener's Corner    

October is upon us again and all the lovely colours of autumn. The trees are starting to drop their leaves after turning from green to yellow, orange, and brown. Maples are especially good in autumn together with beeches I think, but I'm sure we all have our favourites.
Now is a good time to plan for spring, planting bulbs ideally in drifts o they look as though they have self-seeded. Bring in any tender plants if possible, if they have to stay outside during the frosts insulate the roots with dry bracken, straw or even dead dry leaves. On walls try plastic shading material or loose-woven hessian which can be recycled for next year too.
If you like to, it's also a good time to do winter window boxes. Borders can start to look a bit untidy now, but try not to cut back to much as it will act as protection during the winter months, and often the dying foliage can look quite attractive with the frost on it.
Guttering needs to be checked periodically for falling leaves etc which will can blockages. Leaves can be a bit of a problem just now, but try to sweep them up regularly. Leaf mould takes a while to rot but adding nitrogen-rich fertiliser can speed up the process. However, leaf mulch does not improve the fertility of the soil and can increase acidity. As soon as frost blackens the dahlias you need to lift the tubers ands store in a dark, dry place for the winter. They can be planted in potting compost but not watered until the end of winter. Then start watering to encourage new growth.
A busy time of year, but hopefully enjoyable for everyone!

Minister's Musings
Derek's Musings - Is the Church analogous to football ?
Recently I had an invitation to watch Cardiff vs Bristol play a soccer match. On arrival we enjoyed the hospitality, which was breakfast (an early kick-off) followed by interviews with a player and an official of the club.
At Llanwenarth, our hospitality is meeting with our members and friends at social events, so lacking in the last eighteen months. However, taking Communion as a fellowship around the Lord's Table has given us great joy both live and through Zoom.
From the kickoff I noticed that Cardiff using the high ball tactic, which I thought was a waste as it rarely found the player it was intended for, and if it did then it was difficult to control
Regarding the Fellowship, we have to make important decisions in the calling of a new Minister in the coming months, but we will not be acting randomly as above but be led in this by God, to the future he has planned for us.
During the match the inevitable fouls took place. Some fouls, according to the offended team and their supporters, were missed by the referee. Any fouls observed by the ref were dealt with in the appropriate manner that is a free kick, penalty or for the player a yellow or red card
With Christians our ' fouls' are never missed by God but fortunately we are not shown the red card to leave His Presence, with God always ready to forgive us, and hopefully the Spirit will make us more like Jesus and live cleaner lives.
The manager of the team, paced up and down the side of the pitch, trying to encourage the players to do it 'His way, while on the field the players do it Their way. Our Minister could be described as our spiritual manager and one of his roles is to further the cause of the Church in a unifying manner. At present we do not have a minister, but we have been fortunate in having excellent visiting ministers, both old friends and new. Hopefully when we do choose a Minister, we will not be like the soccer team, but will work harmoniously and joyfully with her/him for the good of the Church.
To me. as a rugby supporter, the sight of the visiting supporters being surrounded by stewards to stop problems arising is strange to say the least. The beautiful game should not need stewards for supporters to enjoy the skill of the players.
Likewise, Christians should respect different denominations or even other faiths so that extreme elements of faiths cannot use their beliefs to cause division and conflict. I trust that we as a Church can go forward in peace and harmony
God Bless



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