April 2018
1st 10:30am Easter Sunday - Dawn Revelation John 20:2 (C)
  6:00pm Easter Sunday - Seeing is Believing John 20:29  
8th 10:30am RevRay Lewis    
6:00pm Rev Bill Jones  
15th 10:30am Mrs Fran Bellingham  
6:00pm Mrs Fran Bellingham   (C)
22nd 10:30am Rev Heini Jones    
6:00pm Rev Heini Jones    
29th 10.30am John's Motivation John 20:31  
6.00pm The Life of the Spirit - Speech John 14:26  
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
Monday Craft Group 2:00pm 9th and 23rd
Wednesday Luncheon Club 11:30am for 12:00 noon 4th and 18th
Thursday Mums and Toddlers 9.15 to 11.30 From 18th - Easter Holidays
Ladies' Meeting 3.00pm

12th - Rev W.J.Rutter

26th - Marie Bowkett

Bible Study 3.00pm 5th and 19th - TBA

Christian Aid Week - 13th to 19th May
Next month much of our activity will centre around Christian Aid Week. This year's theme is: Together we are stronger than the storm, and follows the experiences of one family as they recover from hurricane Matthew, which struck Haiti in 2016.
As well as highlighting the need for continued support long after disasters have fallen out of the news cycle, the Week continues Christian Aid's long standing campaign on Climate Change, and the way it has a disproportionate effect on the poorest communities.
Look out for further information over the next few weeks.

Gardener's Corner    

April's said to be the sweetest month. Everything suddenly needs doing at once after a long winter period. Spring is supposedly here at last but after the recent snows we have yet to be convinced!!!
Bees start to make an appearance now particularly if you have flowering currants or forsythia in the garden. Daffodils should be at their best and tulips soon coming along behind.
Lawns will need a first mowing, not to low, and will start to look green and healthy once again.
The vegetable garden can be productive with over-wintered salads and spinach being plentiful. Plant early broad beans now to prevent disease later on and, of course, an earlier crop.
Seeds can now be planted in the greenhouse ready for planting out next month. Lots of work to be done for the coming season, but pace yourself and don't overdo things!

Editor's note - Of course, T.S.Eliot said quite the opposite, opening his poem The Wasteland with the line: April is the cruellest month… But then Eliot was always gloomy.

Minister's Musings
Somehow it seems appropriate that Easter Sunday should fall on April Fool's Day. Certainly the disciples thought that the tale of the women as they returned from the tomb was nothing more than a joke that was in very poor taste - as Luke expressed it:
These words seemed to them an idle tale, and they did not believe…
They knew Jesus was dead. The Romans did not make mistakes, and these same women had made it perfectly clear that their leader was dead. Yet now they were talking of empty tombs and mystical encounters. But the disciples were not going to be made to look like fools - not again. They had hoped so much, but now their hopes were dashed to pieces.
Yet here was the ultimate jest, for the women had spoken nothing more than the truth - Christ was alive, raised from the dead against all human hope and expectation. The most powerful nation in the world had done its worst. The ultimate power in the universe had spoken. And neither had proved powerful enough to overcome the love of God.
Of course, many today look back and still think the women were telling an idle tale. Two thousand years on, and little seems to have changed. Still the powerful seem to be able to bend the world to suit themselves. While all around us death seems to reign supreme - as we hear of wars and rumours of wars, and we continue to ask why bad things happen to good people.
But the Church continues to hold on to the foolishness of hope. For Christ is risen, and the world has been turned upside down. Here and there we see that hope revealed for all to see - in social changes such as the abolition of slavery, and in individual tales of obstacles overcome. But for the most part our hope remains just that - hope.
And so another Easter Sunday comes and goes, and once more we make the declaration that Christ is risen, for God is faithful and will fulfil the promises of his love. In doing so, we proclaim the foolish message that power and might do not have the final say, and that love and justice will triumph in the end.
Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, hallelujah!


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