September 2021
5th 10:30am Mr Peter Price   (C)
12th 10:30am Mr John Price    
19th 10:30am Rev Mark Thomas (Blackwood)    
25th 10:30am Rev Huw Stephens    
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
Monday Craft Group 2:00pm 6th and 20th

Big Green Week
As part of the preparations for the CoP26 Meetings in Glasgow, the Climate Coalition is holding a Big Green Week, beginning on Sunday 19th September. As part of that, I will be hosting a Coffee Morning in the Village/Salisbury Hall on Tuesday 21st from 10 to 12 - highlighting climate change. Hope to see you there - Peter

Please Pray With - BMS
With all that has been happening, BMS have posted prayers for Afghanistan:

- For wisdom for NGOs and charitable bodies working within Afghanistan, as they seek to support the communities they work with through this incredibly difficult time.

- For BMS workers in the process of leaving the country, that they would be kept safe and that they would still be able to continue with their vital work remotely.

- For BMS' commitment to the nation of Afghanistan, and for discussions taking place as to how best to shape an ongoing response to an ever-changing situation.

- For strength for people in Afghanistan now feeling under threat and worrying for their futures, and for protection for those who feel forced to leave the country or to move their families to a safer region.

- For lasting peace and stability to be found in the nation of Afghanistan. God bless, stay well and keep in touch with each other

Gardener's Corner    

September is with us after an unsettled summer ranging from 32 - 14 degrees!
Vivid colours and sumptuous displays give a grand finale to summer. Dahlias, asters, crocosmias & colchicums all giving a wonderful display.
Lots of fruit ripening now - pears and apples especially tasty. Onions ready for harvesting now, together with other vegetables. It's not too late to sew a few late lettuce if you have the room. Swede and turnips can be sewn now ready for next year. Spring cabbage whould be ready for planting outdoors - available from good garden centres if not already in the greenhouse.
Chrysanthemums will soon be flowering and bringing colour in the autumn. Earwigs can be a nuisance both to Chrysants and dahlias, put hay-filled pots on sticks to trap them. They are nocturnal and will hide in the hay during the day so can be disposed of fairly easily.
Pop bulbs into pots now for early spring flowering. Tomatoes should be producing well and will crop for several weeks yet. Trim back lavendar now to promote good plant growth for next year.
Enjoy what is left of the summer!

Minister's Musings

This month's Musings are by Andrew, our Church Secretary:

A vision for renewal

At Llanwenarth we have worshipped the Lord since 1652 and during that long time frame there would have been many crises and changes to remain contemporary as society changed.
It seems to me that we are at such a crossroads now brought to a head by changes in society, Peter's retirement, and the pandemic. Our numbers have been slowly decreasing for many years and we have now had a further drop as some have not returned following the pandemic lockdown, and our finances have likewise reduced.
The inevitable conclusion is that if we elect to continue down this road, we will likely decline to a point where we are no longer viable- I estimate that this point will be reached within the next 15 years. So, is there any hope? I believe there is a small window of opportunity to revitalise our church with new members if we act now, and we all have a part to play.
It is clear therefore to me that we need to diverge from our current road as we call a new minister; how far we need to diverge comes down to a matter of judgement and who God calls to lead us. We need a minister who is an evangelist and who will take God's word to the community and challenge them with the Christian message, and we need to play our part. This is needed not only to rebuild the worshipping community at Llanwenarth but to obey our Lord. The last thing people say is often regarded as the most important, and Jesus last words were a command to baptise and make disciples of all people.
We may also need to attempt to have a more modern service with other forms of music, mixed with our traditional organ music, so that new attenders may find an atmosphere that suits them. We have moved forward incrementally in Peters' tenure and have I believe become a more tolerant, less judgemental and more graceful fellowship. I am very fond of our current service but am willing to endure a measure of initial discomfort if necessary to move forward. If other past members had not been willing to make similar sacrifices we would still be speaking in Welsh, not singing at all and probably long closed. One of our main strengths is that under Peter's leadership we have become a very closely bound and welcoming Church and this will be of immense importance in welcoming and befriending new people who come to chapel:
By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another - John 13:35
I am convinced that God will not let us fail, but on earth we are his voice, feet and hands and empowered by the Holy Spirit we must use them for his names sake,




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