November 2021
7th 10:30am Mr Andrew Baker (C)
14th 10:30am Mrs Catherine Griffiths - Remembrance Service    
21st 10:30am Rev Jon Foreman    
28th 10:30am Mr Morgan Britton  
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
Monday Craft Group 2:00pm 1st and 15th

CoP26 - 31st October to 12th November
It is here! Please pray for the leaders and representatives who are coming together as they seek ways to tackle the Climate Emergency. I write this on the day the Government has put forward its ideas on how we should respond in Britain. Those plans contain much that is good - let us hope and pray it will more than just words.
Locally I want to highlight two events:
Monday 1st (11am to 4pm): Castle Street Methodist Church will be open for prayer - with reflections together every half hour.
Saturday 6th (from 11am): Climate March in Cardiff. This begins with prayers at St David's at 11, from where we walk to Senedd (beginning at 12). I am going, but I have a full car - but hope to see some of you there.

Gardener's Corner    

November here at last. Lucky with the weather so far but who knows what's round the corner??? Time to collect and store the last of the apples for winter - making sure they are distanced from each other and kept in a dry place until needed.
Kaffir lilies look lovely just now and bring a bit of late colour to our gardens. The berries are a lifeline for the birds through the winter months. If you are lucky enough to have hedgehogs in your garden make sure they have thick undergrowth under shrubs for hibernation. Worth checking garden structures before the frosts do more damage, replace any paving, point up stone walls and patch up concrete paths.
Lots of pruning still to do and retraining climbing plants, repair damaged pergolas, fences or posts. The greenhouse can be tidied up now too. Preparing for early seed sowing in the new year - lots to think about during the dark winter evenings!
Bulbs planted earlier can slowly be introduced into the warmer rooms. This a good month for planting bare root roses - giving them time to aclimatise & establish during the dormant time. Add a little bonemeal when planting together with manure for a good start. Pruning of climbing and rambling roses should be completed by the end of this month. Time also to be thinking about new year's borders and any new planting being considered.
Not too busy a time now in the garden, but plenty to plan for 2022!

Minister's Musings
Nansi's Musings: Reflections on Harvest
Recently we celebrated our Harvest Festival. It was not the traditional festival of fruit and vegetables, but tinned food and sauces for the local Food Bank. However, due to the months dominated by the pandemic, the problems of changeable weather conditions, the disruption of the supply chain due to the petrol shortage and the lack of HGV drivers, Harvest seems more relevant than ever. It all poignancy to realising or interdependence, reliance on others and need for connection for the supply of our basic human needs. The Harvest Festival has changed due to the current situation, giving the words that 'For everything there is a season' a new and modern resonance. In y youth, much of the produce came from gardens or allotments. There was hardly a tin in sight - and definitely not a packet of pasta. On small farms without mechanical means, harvesting a ripe crop from the fields was the most labour-intensive activity of the growing season. No prayer was more heartfelt than the farmer's prayer for rain - or for it to stop raining. Harvest Festivals were about giving thanks for a successful crop yield.
Harvest is a time to take stock of our blessings, traditionally thought of as the blessings of the earth, when all is 'Safely gathered in', and to thank God for them. This gratitude means we are grateful for the things we hold in common with all humanity - the ability to love and be loved as characters who all bare the image of God, and so who deserve equal dignity, and the responsibility to share what we have. Considering the world as a whole, we reflect on the many millions of people who do not have enough to eat - for whom eating a meal is a luxury, with many near to starvation. Much of this suffering is a direct result of human behaviour. In many areas civil war causes devastation and deprivation through loss of homes and land. And over all there are the effects of global warming as extreme weather events impact upon the availability of food. Some areas of Africa in particular are caught in a cycle of climate chaos involving droughts, floods and extreme heat reducing once productive fields to dust. We humans have caused much irreversible damage to the environment. Climate change is not some far off problem, but is with us here and now, and all of us can influence how this will develop in the future. Awareness that the earth is God's creation should evoke in us an intuitive reverence, guiding us to treat nature with gratitude and wonder and not as something to be exploited. We need to alter our basic behaviour, challenging our culture of consumption.
We pray that the CoP26 summit in Glasgow will lead to those crucial changes that are needed by all countries to halt the advance of climate change. We owe this to the future of all life, to the generations yet born. Then, maybe, all people on earth will look with gratitude at all the good gifts that surround us.



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