JUNE 2019
2nd 10:30am Welcome to - The Holy Spirit  
6:00pm Command and Commission - Go Matthew 28:19 (C)
9th 10:30am Pentecost - Gifted Romans 8:15  
6:00pm Pentecost - Guarded Ephesians 6:11  
16th 10:30am Rev Huw Stephens (C)
6:00pm Rev Huw Stephens  
23rd 10:30am Rev Jonathan Greaves  
6:00pm Rev Jonathan Greaves  
30th 10.30am Rev A.S.Richard-Clarke  
6.oopm Rev A.S.Richard-Clarke    
(C) denotes communion will be held as part of the worship service

Weekday Meetings
Monday Craft Group 2:00pm 3rd and 17th
Wednesday Luncheon Club 11:30am for 12:00 noon 12th and 26th
Bible Study 7.00pm 12th and 20th - Acts
Thursday Mums and Toddlers 9.15 to 11.30  
Ladies' Meeting 3.00pm

13th - Whit Sunday Remembrances

27th - Garden Party @ Unicorn's Rest

Bible Study 3.00pm 6th and 20th - Psalms

Christian Aid Week
A big thank you to all who helped and engaged with Christian Aid Week this year. The final figure for the Village was £1218.60 - a marvellous result.

Phoenix Singers - Friday 28th at 7.30
Once more we are playing hosts to the Phoenix Singers. Come and join us for an entertaining evening led by our local community choir

Climate Coalition Lobby - Wednesday 26th
Christian Aid is part of the Climate Coalition, and so will be part of the Lobby of Parliament on June 26th. Sadly, I will not be able to go, as I am cooking for the Luncheon Club that day. However, Govilon will be represented mong those who hope to meet with our MP David Davies.
If you can go, have a good day. If you cannot go, why not join with me and write to David Davies to urge him to meet with those who will be there. Climate Change is one of the most important topics of the next few years, and action is needed urgently. Already many are suffering from its effects, especially among those who are the poorest in the world - which is why Christian Aid are involved.
Let us pray that hearts and minds will be turned to take action to heal God's good creation.

Gardener's Corner    

Sadly, there is no Gardeners' Corner this month. Just to say that, if you can, get out and enjoy working with God's good creation - this is a wonderful time of year.

Minister's Musings

Happy Birthday to the Church! This month we celebrate Pentecost, the third of the great feasts of the Christian calendar. This is the day that the promise of the gift of the Spirit was fulfilled. With her arrival, the band of disciples were transformed from a frightened group hiding behind closed doors into people who boldly proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ - risking imprisonment and death as they did so.

In his parting words to his friends, Jesus had promised that he would send another Counsellor, another Helper, and other Advocate. It is because of this other Friend that we are able to live the Christian life. It is the Spirit who prompts us to turn to God and find forgiveness - and the same Spirit who assures us that we are forgiven. It is the Spirit who reminds us of the words of Christ, by interpreting the Scripture she inspired and giving us wisdom to act upon them. It is the Spirit who opens our eyes to see the signs of the times and opens our minds to see ways to act upon them. Apart from the Spirit we can do nothing to fulfil the task we have been given by our Lord.

Above all, it is the Spirit who enables us to bare the fruit that develops as we grow ever closer to our Lord. Paul spoke of these when writing to the Christians in Galatia - the fruit of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Of course, we do not all bare a heavy crop of such fruit, but all of us grow some fruit, and grow more fruit as we grow closer to Jesus.

So rejoice as we celebrate Pentecost for yet another year. The flame that was lit those many years ago has burned brightly ever since, spreading from those small beginnings to cover the whole earth. And we are part of it, for all Christians are Spirit filled. As Paul tells us, it is only at the prompting of this Spirit that we can declare that Jesus is Lord - without this breath of God filling our us, we remain silent. So let go in the power of the Spirit and be witnesses for our Lord .



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